Who would have thought 60 years ago that we would be able to have the world at the palm of our hands? Some would say that magic doesn’t exist but don’t you think that the internet itself is magic? Something invisible that has the answer to every question, pretty much like Aladdin and the magic lamp, but the only difference is that instead of the lamp, we rub our touch screens and whalaa! There is Siri, the genie of the iPhone asking ‘How can I help you’? Guess what, he isn’t like Aladin’s genie, he is much nicer, he doesn’t limit you to just three wishes. He has unlimited answers for you, well only if you have unlimited internet too, but hopefully you do, or else your life will be miserable!

We depend on the internet just as much as Aladdin depended on his magic carpet to explore the world, to feel free and to even find his true love, princess Jasmine. You might not find true love on the internet but you can try and here is how: Remember that hot boy sitting next to you in the lecture room? Chances are he is part of the Facebook group that was created for this module, so go and check! You got other options too, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter.. you name it., just a click away! On social media you can find your crush, your friends, your favourite celebrity or you can share your pictures, your thoughts etc. Yes, isn’t that fascinating?! Life couldn’t get any easier.

My only advice is to be wise on the internet and be careful how you use it because trust me, your dad seeing your Insta DMs or your Twitter isn’t the worst that could happen to you!

Gloriya Nikolova



  1. I love the parallels between the Internet and Aladdin! It is a very interesting point that what was meant to be some sort of outlandish ‘never going to happen’, fictional plot twist within Aladdin has now accidentally come to be a reality with the help of the internet. Surely this means that if Aladdin is possible, anything is possible?

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  2. I do think that to somebody who doesn’t understand the history of the internet that it could seems like magic. I used to, its easy to do because as you say it is invisible, it exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

    I wonder if we tried to explain the internet to a person completely removed from society what their reaction would be and how they would feel about it.

    With Aladdin though, he has to use his magic carpet in private, a definite contrast to how we use the internet today.


  3. The link between the Internet and Aladdin is great! Such a fun way of explaining things. The idea of our phones being seen as ‘magic’ could be very relevant to some people today. My grandad, for example, still finds it magical that I can take photos with my phone, let alone use the Internet! So the idea of our phones being so useful and compact relates perfectly with the idea of it being magical. A very uplifting blog post!

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